Why Advising Matters

Aligned advising is essential for opening the doors to postsecondary and career success. Students who receive high-quality advising gain a multitude of academic, navigational, and relational benefits.

Academic Benefits
Academic Benefits
  • Higher GPA
  • Increased participation in early postsecondary opportunities
  • Increased enrollment in high-quality career pathways
  • Increased high school graduation rate
  • Increased credential attainment
Academic Benefits
Navigational Benefits
  • Increased number of college applications
  • Increased FAFSA completion rates
  • Increased scholarship application rates
  • Decreased rates of summer melt
  • Decreased rates of undermatching
  • Increased retention and persistence
Academic Benefits
Relational Benefits
  • More likely to have developed a college-going and occupational identity
  • Higher expectations for personal achievement
  • Higher feelings of self-efficacy and motivation
  • Expanded networks to leverage social capital
Investing in students’ postsecondary success pays dividends for states, communities, and institutions.
in additional lifetime earnings
Federal Government
in additional tax revenue
State Government
in additional tax revenue
in tuition revenue per institution
Note: These figures are averages for a cohort of students and are estimated based on attainment of a four-year degree; they will vary based on level of credential attainment.